NEKF Code of Conduct

Approved at the AGM 2019

NEKF subscribes to the BKFA Code of Best Practice.

The principles of the Code as they apply to NEKF members are that members should at all times

•  comply with any requirements of the law applicable to where they are flying
•  act in such a way as to protect themselves from accident,  injury or loss
•  act in such a way as to protect others from accident, injury or lossc
•  use appropriate and well maintained equipment to reduce the risk of accident, injury or loss
•   be socially responsible, seeking to reduce their impact on the environment
•  act as good ambassadors for kite flying, promoting our sport through good manners, respectful language and consideration for others
•   behave in ways that promote the best interests of the club
•  welcome new members, offering help and encouragement when appropriate
•   be prepared to encourage public interest in kite flying at club events, by providing information, assistance and advice, either personally or through other club members. 

Detailed guidance on following most of these principles is given in the BKFA Code, and NEKF members are expected to follow this guidance at all times.

The Committee has the right to investigate and adjudicate upon any serious breaches of the Code which are reported to it.