Incident Reporting

It is very important that whenever a kite-related incident or an incident involving a child or adult at risk occurs, the event organiser records at the time of the event and in writing all the relevant details: what happened, any witnesses or witness accounts, the persons involved in the incident, and any other relevant information.

Do not rely on your memory later; this is notoriously unreliable.

A copy of this account should be made available to the parent(s), the carer, the insurance company, the local authority, the police, or anyone else who has reasonable grounds for seeing it.

In the case of a kite-related event, the BKFA online incident reporting form should be completed and sent to the BKFA, who keep records of such incidents for insurance purposes and updating their risk management advice to clubs. This should be filled in on the basis of the information recorded at the time of the incident.