Club Insurance

Members are covered by the Club’s insurance at all Club events. In outline, it covers all claims associated with kiteflying activities at NEKF events including fly-ins and other events with which the NEKF is associated. The events list makes clear which events are covered.

The policy is one that has been negotiated by BKFA on behalf of all BKFA member clubs. The full details can be found in this schedule (pdf). BKFA’s insurance broker no longer issues certificates of insurance but if an event organiser is requested to provide insurance details sending a copy of this cover note should suffice.

It should be noted that the policy does not cover NEKF members at non-NEKF events such as individual flying and flying at other events. Such cover is available through BKFA at an additional premium and covers the individual kiteflier worldwide except for the USA and Canada. For further details please contact Jerry Swift (