About NEKF

We all enjoy being outdoors for the benefits it gives. Kiteflying is for everybody and it can be peaceful or it can be challenging both physically and mentally. A colourful kite soaring ever higher always gives pleasure, even more so when it is shared.

We welcome anyone to join in our activities regardless of age or experience, and we cater for everyone from the absolute beginner up to the most experienced kite flyer. We have members who are interested in all kinds of kiteflying: single line, multiple line, kite traction. Beginners in all these activities are particularly welcome.

The group offers its services to put on static and flying displays at public events. We own the European Air Gallery, which is one of the finest collections of art kites in Europe.

The club is affiliated to the British Kite Flying Association. Many members are also members of the Kite Society of Great Britain. For more information or to join NEKF, visit our contact page. Use of this website is in accordance with our Disclaimer and our Privacy Notice.